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Fee payments

According to law, the holder of a licence to own or operate a nuclear facility that gives or has given rise to waste products shall pay a nuclear waste fee.

Prior to 1 January 2008, this fee liability applied to the holder of a licence to own or operate a nuclear power reactor and was limited to the time the reactor is in operation. As from 2017 the nuclear power-producing companies must also pay a special fee to finance the development of the research reactors in Studsvik and certain other costs for the early Swedish nuclear power programme.

These fees are calculated in relation to the energy that is delivered and set at a certain number of öre (1 öre = SEK 0.01) per kWh delivered. The fee is differentiated for each fee payer and is calculated so that the total fees for each payer cover that particular payer’s total costs. After 1 January 2008, the fee can also be set at a given amount in kronor, to be paid for example by a fee-liable licensee who no longer delivers nuclear energy or is a so-called other fee-liable licensee.

The fee payments in 2022 amounted to SEK 2,092 million. They are distributed as shown by the following chart.

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