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The Nuclear Waste Fund’s processing of personal data

The Nuclear Waste Fund processes personal data in order to be able to fulfil its duties as a national authority. The Nuclear Waste Fund has been tasked to receive and manage fee payments from the nuclear power companies and other owners of nuclear facilities and to make disbursements in accordance with the decisions of the National Debt Office. The fees are intended to finance future expenditures for managing and disposing of spent nuclear fuel and other waste products.

Processing of personal data is regulated in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, and in some cases with the support of Swedish data protection legislation.

What is meant by personal data?

Personal data include all kinds of information concerning a living natural person, such as name, address, personal ID no., photo or email address.

Processing of personal data

By “processing of personal data” is meant in principle everything that can be done with the data. This may include, for example, reading, collecting, recording, storing, cross-checking or printing out the data.

The Nuclear Waste Fund’s data protection officer

Since the Nuclear Waste Fund is a public authority, we have also designated a data protection officer in accordance with Article 37 of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Contact information can be found further down in this document.

This is how we at the Nuclear Waste Fund process your personal data

Legal sport is required for the Nuclear Waste Fund to be allowed to process personal data.

The purposes and the legal grounds are:

  • Matters are handled and decisions made primarily with the support of the legal grounds “performance of a task carried out in the public interest” and “compliance with a legal obligation”.
  • Contracts are handled with the support of the legal ground “contract”.
  • Information can be published on our website with the support of the legal ground “consent”.

Personal data that are processed and the place for processing

The Nuclear Waste Fund mainly processes the following categories of personal data: name, contact information (address, telephone number and email), and, where applicable, what your position is with the party you represent vis-à-vis the Nuclear Waste Fund.

As a rule, personal data are collected directly from you  or are generated by your activities with us in your capacity as a representative of licensees, public authorities, municipalities, suppliers or other stakeholders.

As a rule, your personal data are only stored or processed within the EU/EEA. In the event the Nuclear Waste Fund needs to disclose personal data to a recipient outside the EU/EEA (third country), for example if a supplier conducts a certain activity in a third country, such a transfer of data will only take place in conformance with applicable data protection provisions (e.g. Chapter V of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation).

This is how we save personal data

Personal data are processed during the time required to accomplish the purpose and subject to applicable legislation, for example the Archives Act and the Accounting Act. Personal data in public documents are preserved and culled in accordance with the archives legislation, the National Archives’ regulations and the authority’s decision regarding the application of these regulations.

Principle of public access

Since the Nuclear Waste Fund is a national authority, we are obligated to preserve public documents, and these documents may only be culled subject to special decisions or regulations regarding such culling. Public documents containing personal data may be disclosed if they are not subject to secrecy. he processing that takes place in accordance with this is considered necessary for reasons of substantial public interest.

Who is allowed access to personal data

The Nuclear Waste Fund is a public authority with no employees. Kammarkollegiet (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) therefore performs administrative services and other tasks for us. Consequently, personnel at Kammarkollegiet are allowed access to personal data when necessary in order for them to perform their duties on our behalf. In some cases we also use other processors. They may only process personal data subject to the purposes and instructions they have received from us. The processors, and those who act on behalf of the processors, may never access more data than is required to perform the service we have assigned to them. A special processor contract is signed with the processors we hire to ensure this.


We take technical and organizational precautions to ensure that all information we process is protected from unauthorized access, alteration and destruction.

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