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Your rights as a data subject with the Nuclear Waste Fund

Right to register transcripts

You have the right to obtain, free of charge, information on which of your personal data we are processing and to obtain a transcript of the data with information on the processing, known as a register transcript.

Right to rectification

The personal data we process should be correct. If we process your personal data incorrectly, you are entitled to request rectification of incorrect data and completion of incomplete data.

Right to erasure, restriction and objection

In certain cases you are entitled to request erasure of your personal data, object to their processing and request restriction of their processing.

Data portability

Data subjects are entitled in certain cases to obtain and use their personal data elsewhere, for example in another social media service (right to data portability). The recipient of the personal data is obligated, under certain conditions, to facilitate such a transfer of personal data.

Information on limited opportunities

At this point we would like to inform you of that fact that our opportunities to accommodate you with regard to certain rights, such as erasure and rectification, may in practice be limited due to fact that we have legal obligations as a public authority to preserve public documents.

This is how you make a request

If you wish to exercise one of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, we have special forms for this which we would like you to use – one for register transcripts and one for other rights. This is to make it clear for us what your request relates to and so that we know for sure that we are in contact with the right individual. You can obtain the forms by contacting the Nuclear Waste Fund’s data protection officer.

When we have received your request, we will handle it as a special matter. We will also check to make sure that you are the one who has submitted the request. We do this by sending you a confirmation, which you need to return. When we are finished dealing with your request, we will send our decision to your registered address.


Anyone who believes that someone is processing personal data in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation can file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Agency.

Contact information to data protection officer

The Nuclear Waste Fund’s data protection officer is Tomas Gustavsson, whom you can contact if you have questions about the Nuclear Waste Fund’s processing of personal data.

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