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The total return during 2020 amounted to 3.44 percent, while the average return during the five-year period was 2,04 percent.

The long-term portfolio

The rate of return in the long-term portfolio during 2020 amounted to 8,40 percent in nominal terms and 7,90 percent in real terms. It can be observed that the expanded investment options have so far contributed to an increase in the return from the Nuclear Waste Fund.

The standard portfolio

The nominal return in 2020 amounted to 0,93 percent. Inflation was 0,43 percent. The real return was thereby 0.04 percent.

The graph shows the change in value of SEK 100 that was paid into the Nuclear Waste Fund on 1 January 1996. For the sake of comparison, the change in value of SEK 100 with the comparison index return is also shown, along with how much has been used to compensate for inflation during the period.

  • SEK 100 in the Nuclear Waste Fund has grown to SEK 369.
  • SEK 32 of the return has been used to compensate for inflation.

1000 kr utvecking 1995 - 2008

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