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The Nuclear Waste Fund is a government authority whose mission is to receive and manage the fees paid in by the nuclear power companies and owners of other nuclear facilities in Sweden. The fees are intended to finance future expenditures for managing and disposing of spent nuclear fuel and other waste products.

The authority is overseen by a Board of Governors appointed by the Government. Two of the members are appointed at the suggestion of the fee-liable licensees.

The authority has no staff of its own. Its administration is handled by another authority: the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.


The Nuclear Waste Fund

The totalt real return during 2023 amounted to 5,03 percent, while the average return during the five-year period was -2,17 percent.

In the late autumn, the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) passed a new law and the Government issued a new ordinance allowing the Nuclear Waste Fund to invest in corporate bonds and equities starting in 2018, subject to certain restrictions.

During the year, the Nuclear Waste Fund formulated and initiated a new asset management strategy. Asset management has been divided into two portfolios: a base portfolio with Swedish treasury and mortgage bonds, and a long-term portfolio with corporate bonds and equities. This has made it possible to offer the different reactor owners and other fee-liable licensees an asset management strategy adapted to the particular reactor owner’s investment horizon.

Kammarkollegiet (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) has been tasked to manage two new asset classes: Swedish corporate bonds and Swedish equities. The Fund has also invested in a global mutual fund containing global equities and global corporate bonds. The mutual fund is managed by three separate managers, one for global equities and two for corporate bonds. Guidelines for environmental and ethical considerations in the investments have been adopted and implemented.

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